About WarePortal, Inc.

WarePortal, Inc., an independent software reseller/distributor, provides software products, construction, operation management, and some other services relates to these software products in Japan. Our products include MDaemon, SecurityGateway, RelayFax developed by Alt-N Technologies and ClusterReplica developed by xLink Technology. Our services related to these products include system consultation, post-implementation management, remote support, service monitoring, and so on.





July 2nd, 2009




CEO:Kato, Chika
CTO:Fukushima, Toshio



WarePortal, Inc.

Number 503 Kawaguchi-Ekimae Bldg., 3-2-20, Sakae-cho,
Kawaguchi, Saitama, 332-0017, Japan


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Phone Number: +81-48-446-7144