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Not only a High-Availability solution but also a backup tool with version control

ClusterReplica has a built-in backup tool which lets you back up whatever important data to XLink Backup eStorage. With this built-in backup function, ClusterReplica is not only working to maintain your critical server up running 24x7, it also backs up your data and versionizes them in the way you want.

Specially designed for SQL, IIS, and Exchange with CDP backup technology

Using the latest Continuous Data Protection (CDP) technology, ClusterReplica replicates data in real-time while SQL or IIS server service are running.
ClusterReplica has good intelligence to determine the best replication points for each different application to guarantee the data integrity on Replicas.

Automatic or Manual failover over LAN or Internet

ClusterReplica Enterprise supports automatic or manual Failover over LAN and WAN. With a friendly user interface, even the manual failover is easy and quick.

Automatic fast compression over slow internet

ClusterReplica Enterprise measures the network speed and automatically applies the fast compression to data replication over slow LAN or WAN. Auto-compression guarantees the best performance for data replication no matter it is over high speed LAN or low speed WAN.

Support Windows Clustering

Although ClusterReplica Enterprise does not require Windows Clustering to have the feature of failover. ClusterReplica supports Windows Clustering to replicate data from clustering computers to a remote server. It also has the capability of failver/failback between Windows clustering.

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